Location :  In Madhya Pradesh, India.

Steeped in rich history, little is known about the rich historical past of the city of Orchha. It was founded by the Rajput ruler Rudra Pratap Singh of the Bundela Dynasty in 16th century A.D. The early part of 17th century witnessed a fierce battle between the Mughal Army under the leadership of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his opponent led by Raja Jujhar Singh. This vicious battle added a new chapter to the pages of the history of the city when Orchha was ceded by the Mughals who ruled over for consecutive six years that began in 1641 A.D.
Then it was the turn of the ferocious Marathas in the 18th century who went on annexing all the States of Bundela except Orccha. The year 1783 added another page to the history of the place when Tehri became the capital of Orccha. Hamir Singh was accorded the status of Maharaja and he reigned between 1848 and 1874. But the city tasted the sweetness of all round development when Maharaja Pratap Singh became its ruler in 1874. He contributed a lot in various irrigation work and other issues.
During the early part of 18th century, Orchha was known as the most ancient and the developed state of the Bundelkhand region but from 1956 onwards it became a part of the State of Madhya Pradesh.
How to Reach
By Air
Gwalior is the nearest airport to Orchha. Gwalior is about 125 km away from Orchha. Flight services are available to Khajuraho, Delhi and Varanasi. Delhi, 440 km away from Orchha, is the major international airport, which is connected to all major cities in India and many cities in abroad. Taxis are available in the Gwalior airport and cost about Rs 2500 to reach Orchha.
By Train
Jhansi railway station, 16 km away from Orchha, is the nearest railway station. Jhansi is situated on the major rail route and there are regular train services to the major cities in India. Direct train services are available from Delhi, Mumbai and Agra. Taxis are available in the railway station and cost about Rs 350 to reach Orchha.
By Road
Orchha lies on the road between Jhansi (19 Km) and Khajuraho (178 Km). Gwalior, another important destination in Madhya Pradesh, is only 120kms away from Orchha by road.
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